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> Does TBird have a combine-and-decode function for stitching
> multiple-file image or video posts back together?


> I sure as hell can't find it mentioned in FAQ.

A common suggestion when this topic comes up here is to use TBird
for text groups, and another, binary-capable, reader for binary
groups. I do this, using Xnews for the

Incidentally, for spam-control reasons posts from Google to the
news.mozilla.org newsgroups are currently being routed through the
mozilla mailing lists. A side effect of this is that posts directly
to the news.mozilla.org server aren't being archived by Google. I
believe they are working to overcome this.

Since this post won't appear on Google Groups I'm also e-mailing
a copy directly to you, and suggest that anyone else replying to you
do likewise. Furthermore, you might want to log on to the
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