V S Rawat said the following On 05/02/2008 01:40 PM:
> On 4/30/2008 7:48 PM India Time, _Nir_ wrote:
>> V S Rawat said the following On 04/30/2008 01:02 AM:
>>> I used to copy my entire profile folders of TB/ FF to my 80 Gig
>>> USB HDD.
>>> Today, when I tried to copy, I got the message can't copy. I
>>> closed TB/ FF but to no avail. Booted my system, but the problem
>>> persists.

>> Have you already tried to copy profile folder while XP is running
>> in safe mode ?

> No, I haven't tried that option.
> Previously, I could always copy in fullfledged mode, I think even
> while ff/tb were running, so when I faced problem, I felt that there
> ought to some solution that would allow me to copy again in
> fullfledged mode.
>>> often this and that file in xp used to give that problem, often
>>> for days, especially for large movie files, but it has happened
>>> first time with TB/ FF and what is surprising is that it happened
>>> with both at the same time.
>>> And windows is designed so stupidly that if a single file has
>>> some problem, out of 1000 files in a set of copy, it aborts
>>> entire copying and doesn't proceed with copying the remaining
>>> files.
>>> And there are so many subfolders in both TB/ FF that I don't
>>> have patience to copy each folder/ sub/sub/ sub folders one by
>>> one to find which exact folder or file is giving problem.
>>> What to do? Pray that my HDD didn't blow away tonight or I am
>>> dead. :-) I had deleted my previous copies that were in my USB
>>> HDD.
>>> xpsp2, ff3b3, tb

>> Does that error message give any clue , like any particular file
>> that can't be copied ?

> no clue. Mr gates is verbose only in senseless junk, and keeps his
> lips lightly sealed when it really matters.
>> Btw , as far i can remember , XP fails to copy file if file path
>> contains more than 255 character .

> Hmm. I blame that squarely and cubely on FF/ TB developers. There are
> trillions of folders/ subfolders which -- and the files in which
> have light years long names.

See if helps

TB/FF is not a particular OS specific program , so it follows a generic
folder structure .

> My addition to that is: for FF: E:\My Data\Ff\Profiles\my_profile for
> TB: E:\My Data\Tb\Profiles\my_profile
> And larger part of that is still decided by ff/tb
> Seems it is time that ff/ tb developers rethink about the structuring
> of data storage. The worst is extension folder having loooong
> alphanumric curly brackets, dashed folder files name that only a
> Martian would understand.

That is intentional . To enhance profile folder security, default
profile folder name is always generated randomly , in alphanumeric form .

> in TB, I am only using Local Folders for all mails, still it keeps
> all the folders for each of my pop3 connection. I felt sickened when
> I see such complexities and nomenclatures of ff/tb profile folders.

You can create a folder by yourself . Then using profile manager window
you can create a new profile but point profile folder location to that
folder , you have just created . Copy content of existing folder to new
profile folder .