I'm having a rough time having to deal with Kerio MailServer's
inability to return body search results. Since Kerio has no immediate
plans to implement this capability, I'm considering building a version
of Thunderbird that does what I need. I'm hoping it's a quick coding
"fix" someone here can help out with.

What I'd like to do is have Thunderbird search the offline cache of
mail if the IMAP result returns no hits. The "correct" way to do this
would be to have Thunderbird check the CAPABILITY command to the
server and, if it doesn't return 'search', failover to locally-stored
content. As it stands right now, in order to do body searches, we have
to put our clients into offline mode -- only then will the client
search the offline cache of mail.

I'd much appreciate any help with this. I imagine many Kerio
MailServer customers would appreciate it as well.