On 2008-02-11 03:07 VanguardLH wrote:
> Thunderbird
> I always want to read newsgroup posts in plain-text mode. I don't care
> if the poster used HTML. I want to read it as plain-text. However, I do
> NOT want my view of e-mail to be forced into plain-text mode. For
> e-mails, I want to read in the format the sender used (plain-text or
> HTML). For newsgroups, I always want to read in plain-text mode.
> TB has its View -> Message Body As menu but that appears to be a global
> setting that would affect all accounts (mail and news) so it won't do
> what I want. I don't want to force e-mails to be viewed as plain-text
> because that's how I want to view newsgroup posts.
> I've found no configuration setting within an account defined within TB
> that dictates how the user wants to read the body of a message. There is
> a composition setting (to use HTML, which is deselected for the NNTP
> accounts in TB) but that only applies when writing a post, not when
> reading it. There is the Tools -> Options -> Display -> Fonts
> navigation but that doesn't differentiate between mail and news accounts.

My solution has been the Toggle HTML extension, that adds a button on a
toolbar - I have it prominently alone at the middle of the Menu bar -
and when I click it I toggle between viewing message(s) in html or
simple text.


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