The Real Bev wrote:
> Irwin Greenwald wrote:
>> Ed Mullen wrote:
>>> The Real Bev wrote:
>>>> gwtc wrote:
>>>>> CBFalconer wrote:
>>>>>> When introduced to that modern marvel, an electric tripewriter, I
>>>> Anybody else here right-justify on an IBM Executive? Damn, that was
>>>> fun!
>>> Remember the Mag Card IBMs? We did our wedding invitations on one!
>>>> Anybody remember the old wet copy-machines? Xerox machines were
>>>> just coming in when I had my first job. You messengered what you
>>>> wanted to copy out to the Main Office and the next day you'd get
>>>> back beautiful copies. I KNEW how much better it was than the wet
>>>> machines and it never occurred to me to buy stock.
>>> Mimeograph machines. Indeed. You could almost get high from the
>>> fluid's fumes.

>> But the gelatinous Hectograph preceded them all. And the purple
>> copies were priceless.

> I thought that the purple stuff was ditto... Damn, our institutional
> memory ain't what it used to be.

You're probably right. My memories are so old, I'm not sure how old
they are. I do remember that our sec'y always had purple fingers and
matching lips when she made departmental copies.

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