_Bonnie_ spoke thusly on 11/01/2006 8:22 PM:
> I created a Thunderbird folder and a Firefox folder and I am now a
> member of these two new email lists. I would like mail from those lists
> to be immediately put into their respective folders as they arrive and
> not into the generic "inbox". I made a filter for each "to" address,
> send to TB or FF folder in local folders. I must've done something wrong
> since it's not working. Doesn't surprise me since I don't really know
> what I'm doing. Can this be done? And what did I do wrong? Thanks

Cross-posted and follow up set to mozilla.support.thunderbird.

In order know exactly what is wrong with your filter, you're going to
have tell us what the parameters are.
Some common filter problems:
- make sure it is set to the correct account
- make sure the filters are enabled
- make sure you have the addresses correct [
support-firefox@lists.mozilla.org, support-thunderbird@lists.mozilla.org ]
- if you have any other criteria, make sure "match all" is checked,
rather than "match any".
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