Chris Ilias wrote:
> [This is partly a test, to see what is working right now; but since it's
> a support mailing list/newsgroup, I'm keeping it on topic by posting a
> Firefox tip.]
> You know that great feature in the Mozilla Application Suite and
> Netscape7, that lets you choose whether you want your browser to open
> with your 'homepage', a 'blank page', or the 'last page you visited'?
> Well, this is one of those features that is still in Mozilla Firefox,
> but there's no menu for it. Here's how to set it:
> Open Firefox, type "about:config" (without the quotes) in the location
> bar, and press . Search for the preference
> ||. Double-click on it (or right-click and select
> Modify), and set the value.
> The values:
> 0 = blank page
> 1 = home page
> 2 = last page visited
> Personally, I like my browser to open in a blank page, but that doesn't
> mean my homepage has to be blank. ;-)

(Second reply attempt. First attempt 2 hours ago has not shown
up yet.)

Another alternative is the "SessionSaver" extension. If you shut
down FF (or if FF crashes or the OS crashes), then next time you
start FF all of the same FF windows reopen in the same positions
with all of the same tabs.

It also comes in handy if you install a new extension and you
want to restart FF immediately to take advantage of the new
extension - without having to worry about losing track of what
windows and tabs you had open.