Posted this a week ago and did get any responses. Does this sound like
normal behavior for TB? Will a particular email message change the
headers in the message pane?


Very strange. I received an email, and after I read it I noticed that
my message pane header info was only set for Subject, Junk status,
Sender and Date. The little box to the right wasn't showing either (to
add or remove header details). I started getting a bit freaked but then
accidentally clicked on the email below it and everything returned to
normal! All other email in the window shows the headers properly, but
if I click on this one email, all the header info changes. This one in
particular is Content type: multipart/related; boundary. I have others
like that and they don't change the headers, but most are
multipart/alternative; boundary. I'm not surprised that it is an OL 11
email though.

Has anyone experienced this before?


Terry R.
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