Again using portable while traveling and all "kept" mail folders auto
changed sort order from descending to ascending and all msg quantities
are seen with a "?" instead of the msg qty. (FYI, this used to also
occur with every TB update, but that hasn't occurred in some time!!)

Now have returned to my home office desktop and the difficulty is to
synchronize, leaving the sort order as descending so I won't have to
individually change 500 sequences -- actually most msgs were left in the
inbox subfolders, so only have about 50 in the "kept" folders that have
new msgs to be synced.

Would it not change the sort order on the desktop if I only synced the
actual msg files and not the associated msf files? (And presumably this
could be done in mass by selecting multiple files and copying them from
the portable to the desktop.)

Just tried it with one file and apparently it went off without a hitch.
Question if this method will muddle up other controlling files?