I just uploaded a first version of a new multimedia course. This one is
for the Options dialog, and once finished is supposed to explain all
items of that dialog.


- the explanations are not complete yet, but half of them are there
- there ARE errors, there is a lot to criticize, I even made some really
stupid errors mishandling the beautiful English language.
--> that's why: please don't waste your time criticizing the
obvious. *Most* welcome are people who'd actively like to help! I don't
actually expect any such responses, but on the other hand, if it's
possible to convince people it's a great idea to blow themselves up for
the greater good of god and mankind, it should be possible to find
people to join THIS project, right...
- why do I do it? Because of my letexa.com project. I love multimedia, I
come from an open source background (worked for SuSE for many years,
doing Oracle stuff), I like teaching - and I'd like to develop a project
that creates multimedia learning content in an open source way, i.e.
through open collaboration.
- why Thunderbird? well, I use it a lot and I had to start somewhere...

(part of the Thunderbird collection - http://letexa.com/courses/5/)