Ever since I've started using TB, I've had one major problem with view,
described in bug 293513. The problem seem to be in TB's application of
"Expand All Threads" at the moment of entering the newsgroup, but before
it checking for new messages and downloading headers.

My View settings are By Order received, Threads with unread, and all
threads expanded, and description of the problem follows.

Let's say I start TB. Previously, I've marked all messages in all
newsgroups as read. TB starts and tells me approximate number of unread
messages in all subscribed groups.
I click on a newsgroup with unread messages. In spite of the fact that
I've chosen "Expand all threads" for all the groups, only the first
thread with unread is expanded. When I move from that group to any other
item in the folder list and return to the original group, all the
threads are properly expanded - unless a new message was posted, in
which case the thread with that message (or part of the thread) will be

Is there any fix that I've missed?