Pete Holsberg wrote:
> Having discovered that my "leave email on server until I delete or
> remove from INBOX" problem was inherent in TB v1.5.07, I decided to
> upgrade t0
> All that I could find was a gzipped tarball, so I downloaded it and
> extracted the contents. installation instructions!! And none
> on the site, either!
> So I ran ./mozilla-installer-bin and things began to happen. A new
> profile directory was created in $HOME/.thunderbird (the old one was in
> $HOME/.mozilla-thunderbird) and I copied everything from the old one to
> the new one.
> Now, the new executable is nowhere to be found! So I executed the
> thunderbird file from the installation directory and, while it sees the
> extensions, it doesn't see the accounts!!!
> Help, please.

Never mind. I reinstalled and now it's fine.