Something very strange just happened. I was reading an email and I
selected some text to copy, right-clicked, and chose "copy". I
switched over to firefox to paste it in and it didn't work, so I tried
it 2 more times, each time it didn't work. Finally, I went back to
thunderbird and instead of using the context-sensitive menu, I used
the Ctrl-C shortcut key. When I did that, the message *completely*
deleted (it didn't even go into the Trash) and my first the top-level
menu choices disappeared -- "File", "Edit", and "View" -- if I
remember correctly. The spaces for them are still there and the drop-
downs do show up when I click on the empty menus.

Has anyone heard/seen this? Is it a virus that I'm not aware I have
or is it a weird bug that I've discovered?