Chester Alan Godsy wrote:
> I have been a long time Eudora user on windows OS'es.
> When I found out Qualcomm was going to stop selling and supporting
> Eudora I began searching for a new email client.
> I am resistant to using the Microsoft products, so I have been
> searching around and recently began "trying Thunderbird" and I have
> been very impressed with this email client. And I like the idea that
> this client runs on Linux which I hope to be using someday as a desktop.
> A couple of features that I thought worked well in Eudora were,
> 1) When viewing mail you could also see the Junk Score of each message
> 2) When you mark a message as "Junk" then the message is removed from
> the email server, I use this a lot because I use several email
> clients on different computers.
> 3) When a message is marked as "NOT JUNK", it is automatically moved
> from the Junk Mailbox to the Inbox, which saves a step.
> Anyway, I really like Thunderbird and think I am going to join the
> Thunderbird community.
> Sincerely,
> Chester G.


1. Doesn't exist as far as I know, but I don't know much having moved
to TB myself a few months ago.

2. All messages are moved from the email server unless you tell it

3. That's already incorporated.

rapp at lmr dot com