This is odd.

I have 6 accounts, all using IMAP.
For quite a long time my Junk Mail Controls have been working great. It
looks for spam and automatically moves it to a folder of my choosing for
later perusal (just in case there is a false positive) - for each account.

However, over the last week or so, the JMC do not seem to be
automatically running. That is, there are TONS of messages in my inbox
which are obvious spam. What's more, if I select "Tools | Run Junk Mail
Controls on Folder" manually, TB then dutifully processes the spam,
moving it to where it belongs.

But why did it suddenly stop doing it automatically?

(a) This only occurs on my default account. The other accounts all have
the JMC run automatically when I open them.

(b) yes, the properties for that default account still have "enable
adaptive jmc for this account", "trust junk mail headers by
SpamAssassin", and "Move new junk messages to (folder)" all selected.

(c) TB 2.004


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