I am installing a perl based BBS on my website and have a problem
with registering users that appears to be caused by Thunderbird.

When a person registers, a registration request email is sent to
the moderator in HTML format. If the moderator approves, there
is a button for them to click, which opens up a web page in the
users browser (in my case, Firefox). Obviously some variables are
passed from the email to the webpage for the BBS script to use.

The problem is that it doesn't work. I get a "500 - server error"
and my web logs show "malformed script headers".

After investigation, it appears that Thunderbird is corrupting
the data sent to the browser.

I have tested combinations of Firefox or Internet Explorer with
Thunderbird or Outlook Express. All cases work except those
involving Thunderbird. Apparently whatever is passed from
Thunderbird to the browser is getting corrupted somehow.

I was using and just upgraded to, yet the
problem persists.

Any ideas?

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