On 02-03-2006 21:21 CET, V. Stokes composed this enchanting statement:
> I have managed to find the folder that contained all my old email (for
> a removed account). This folder contains
> *.sbd -- folders
> *.msf -- files
> * -- files with no extension (e.g. Inbox)
> How, can I look at these emails from TB 1.5?
> --V. Stokes

The files without an extension are the ones, you need for the following
Stop TB. Rename - if necessary, e.g. inbox, sent etc. to avoid conflicts
- copy, or move, those files into 'Local Folders' of your TB profile.
Start TB.
The index (.msf) are rebuilt and you should see the message list of the
renamed folder(s), I hope.

Kind regards,


MacOS 10.3.9/Firefox 1.5/Thunderbird 1.5