There's a weird bug in TB on my Mac (10.4.5): In many newsgroups, it shows
a cascade of phantom "replies" to messages that are exact copies of the original
message. Thus, right now in, there is a message with Message-ID
"" that is
an original message, followed by a diagonal line of 10 copies of the same message.
A check with the source shows that they all have the same Message-ID and Date
values. I sorta doubt that Earl submitted 11 copies in the same second.

Another sign that it's TB not knowing what it'd doing is that when I click the
little triangle to collapse the thread, the first 8 phantom replies disappear, but
the last two remain on the screen. Then if I click again to reopen the thread,
the 10 phantom replies reappear, followed by a repeat of the last two. Doing
this a few times lengthens the "thread" by two messages each time.

Maybe this has been discussed here, and I'm not able to guess what the Subject
might be. Filtering on "reply" and "replies" didn't turn up anything relevant.

This bug was around when the machine was 10.3.9, and it survived the upgrade
to 10.4.5. I also deleted and reinstalled TB, but that didn't affect anything.

It doesn't seem to happen in my email, only in newsgroups.