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> Jay Garcia wrote:
>> See, there you go again - misinterpretation. I didn't "tell" you to do
>> anything. "You need" is a suggestion, not a command.

> You clearly have your own language there Jay. *You need* to get an
> education! *You need* to shut up. *You need* to stop posting. *You need*
> to study the English language more. *You need* to get out more often.
> Of course, we all know, from the mouth of Jay himself, that I am clearly
> not telling you to do any of those. Never mind that the definition of
> "need" includes such choice phrases as "required", "requisite",
> "necessity" or "obligation" - Jay has commanded us that "you need" is
> the new "I suggest"! Indeed!
> I wonder Jay, if pulled over by a cop with gun drawn and he barks out
> "you need to get on the ground" if you would turn to him and explain to
> him your philosophy that "you need" is not a command but merely a
> suggestion. Something tells me you wouldn't....
> OK, I've had enough.

Right, my language is English and by your own examples above, my point
is proven as well as the usage of same. *You need* to get an education.
How is that a command? *You need* to study the English language. How is
that a command? Having been a bouncer in my own night club, I have NEVER
said *you need* to get on the ground. *Get on the ground* is more like
it. Having been involved in sevaral facets of law enforcement, I've
never ever heard of anyone in law enforcement use that expression. Can
you imagine a SWAT Team getting ready to bust down the door of a crack
house using the command "all right you guys, *you need* to come out now,
please?". Laughable at best.

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