squaredancer wrote:
> On 15/06/2007 19:48, CET - what odd quirk of fate caused Smiles to
> generate the following:? :

>> Hi folks
>> well my isp at works does not support newsgroups and port 119 is blocked
>> I do not connect
>> now I also find giganews blocked by IT dept I get a warrning notice its
>> a prohibitated site

> yeah man - that's called democracy (covered in the USA by the Patriot
> Act) - ya'all just ain't allowed to see/watch/read the true-world news!
> reg

Actually, since he said it was his IT department at his *workplace*
doing the blocking, its called "The boss pays you to work, not surf the
newsgroups". In most workplaces, there's no such thing as a democracy.

Alex K.