Mozilla Scheduled Downtime - 5/31/2007, 7pm - 11pm PDT (0200 - 0600
6/1/2007 UTC)

We will have a scheduled downtime window Thursday night from 7pm to
11pm PDT. The following changes will take place:

* 7pm PDT (0200 UTC) - CVS upgrade. We will be applying security
updates to the libraries contained within the chroot jails used by
the cvs servers. No downtime is expected.
* 7pm PDT (0200 UTC) - upgrade. A new version of
Planet (Venus) will be deployed. No downtime is expected.
* 7pm PDT (0200 UTC) - Kernel updates. We will be doing various
kernel upgrades which require a reboot. Affected systems/
applications are as follows:

- FTP Staging
- Mountain View and Toronto phone systems
- All database-backed applications

Please let me know if you have any reason why we should not proceed
with the planned maintenance. As always, we aim to keep downtime to
as little as possible, but unexpected complications can arise causing
longer downtime periods than expected. All systems should be
operational by the end of the maintenance window. Feel free to email
infra at if you see issues past the planned downtime.