On 2007-04-27 10:51 (-0600 UTC), Terry R. wrote:

> On 4/27/2007 1:34 AM On a whim, Ron Hunter pounded out on the keyboard

>> I found Winamp to be much more confusing as to user-interface than
>> even current versions of WMP. And the tendency to install unwanted
>> stuff on my machine caused me to put it on my 'do not install' list.
>> WHY is it that so many programs seem to want to install programs other
>> than what I WANT? Even Irfanview seems wedded to Google Toolbar,
>> which I neither want, nor need. At least it doesn't install it if
>> you uncheck the box, unlike many others which ignore your selections,
>> and install everything anyway. I think Real Player is the worst
>> offender in this respect.

Real has gotten a /lot/ better over the past few years. In fact, the last
time I installed it under Windows (back in November), I don't think it even
put the Rhapsody short-cut on the desktop.

> fu set to moz.gen
> Maybe that's why I stay with version 5.24. The modern UI is very
> straightforward, decent size. And it didn't install anything other than
> itself. Now that it's an AOL product, that tells you why it's loaded
> with other crud.

I don't get this. Why does AOL insist on doing s*** that they /know/ is
going to p*** off and alienate at least some of the people using those products?

> RP is the worst, agreed. I use Real Alternative.

As I suggested above, Real has gotten a lot better. Never did get any of
the Alternatives (Real, WMP) to function when I tried them several years
ago. . . .

> I'm
> even pissed at the Adobe Reader install. If you're not paying attention
> and don't uncheck the "Adobe Photoshop Album Starter Edition" prior to
> clicking the Download Adobe Reader button, it installs that "for you".

I never had Reader try to install an additional app, tho' it kept insisting
on installing something that was supposed to direct me to some sort of
on-line site for generating PDFs or something like that.

My favourite was with that disaster known as Adobe Acrobat Reader 6: On my
old, low-spec'd Win 98 SE machine, it would take a minute or two to load (in
which I could do pretty much nothing) and then just sat there for another
two to three minutes (during which I could do only marginally more than
nothing) while it checked for up-dates and asked me if I wanted to install
the Yahoo! toolbar . . . which I didn't want. Of course, there was no way
in which to tell the app to go f*** itself and stop bugging me. :-(

Fortunately, that issue seems to be gone with more recent versions. . . .


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