Quoting Mark-E:
> Hello, I have a question. I am in the process of upgrading Bugzilla
> on a Solaris 8 box from 2.22 to 3.0.3. I ran the checksetup.pl script
> and I see that I either have the correct version of perl module or it
> is not found. Looks like there are no instances where I have to
> upgrade an existing module which is good.
> My question, is there anyone who went through a 2.22 - 3.0.3 upgrade
> where they had to install new modules? I am wondering if by
> installing new modules if you ran into any issues with Bugzilla 2.22
> being impacted.
> I have to install Email-Send and Email-MIME-Modifier (required). I
> also have to install several optional modules so I can use graphs. I
> need to install these before I cutover to make sure the new version
> works properly. Users will continue to use version 2.22.

I had run both 2.22 and 3.0.1 on the same box using the same perl
modules for a while. No problems for me. On my production system
(maintained by another group) I had them do all the install and upgrade
of perl modules while I was still running 2.22, so I ran into no
problems there either.

The only issue I have run into so far running multiple versions is that
if you want to use the 3.1/3.2 required versions, my mysql was looking
for its socket connection on /tmp/mysql.sock after installing a new
DBD-Mysql module. The old 3.0 and 2.22 versions looked for it in
/var/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. It was defined in /etc/my.cnf for the
var/lib location too. Never figured out why, so I just created a link
to it in /tmp.

I'm running on a SuSE 9 SLES ppc. My production server is on Fedora
Core 4.