Quoting ge:
> http://localhost/cgi-bin/bugzilla
> WARNING $webservergroup is set to an empty string.
> That is a very insecure practice. Please refer to the
> Bugzilla documentation.
> TEST-FAILED Fetch of skins/standard/index/front.png failed
> Your webserver could not fetch
> http://localhost/cgi-bin/bugzilla/sk...ndex/front.png.
> Check your webserver configuration and try again. ...........
> IMHO unimportant, webservergroup:
> ..............
> en@gepem:/var/log$ ps -eo comm,gid|egrep "http|apache"
> apache2 0
> apache2 33
> apache2 33
> apache2 33
> apache2 33
> apache2 33
> apache2 33
> en@gepem:/var/log$ cat /etc/group | grep apache
> en@gepem:/var/log$

I believe you are right, not that big of a deal, but...

Grep for group #33. That is what you should use in your localconfig.
So long as the permissions are open enough, you should be able to work
around it, but it can't hurt to fix it up right.

I believe that you can even put in 33 as the group. Checksetup should
still apply that group to all the files.

So, $webservergroup=33;