On Fri, 25 Apr 2008 10:42:52 -0400 Madison Kelly
> Those three modules do not seem to be in the repositories. Googling
> failed to find me any third-part deb packages, too.

I'm not talking about those three modules, I'm talking about
all the other Email:: modules on your system. In particular,
Email::Simple, Email::MIME, and Email::MIME::Modifier, and perhaps some

> Annoyingly, I am certain the problem is simply a missing '$'
> somewhere... the 'SCALAR()' is a scalar reference in perl... You need
> the '$$' to dereference it and get the actual content. Maybe I'll
> have to find the error and fix it myself, though that is hardly
> ideal, either.

You're experiencing a bug due to an incompatibility between
various versions of the Email:: modules that you have installed.
Upgrading to the latest versions will fix that.

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