Hm, I will have a try,thank you very much

在 2008-03-10一的 20:03 -0700,Max Kanat-Alexander写道:
> On Tue, 11 Mar 2008 10:27:43 +0800 Leon Fu wrote:
> > "insert into
> > profiles(login_name,cryptpassword,realname,disable dtext,refreshed_when)value

> That is *not* the way you should be adding users. You should be
> using the editusers.cgi admin interface to create this user, if you just
> need to make one user.
> If you have to use the command line, You should be using a Perl
> script that uses the create() function in Bugzilla/
> > Why excluding ? Need I to change some configuration or something else?
> > I really have no idea about that.

> Yes, users require having their email permissions set up, which
> Bugzilla::User->create (or just using the admin interface) does.
> -Max