Hi there,
I added a user(user@sohu.com)into bugzilla by command line.
The commad is :
"insert into
profiles(login_name,cryptpassword,realname,disable dtext,refreshed_when)values('user@sohu.com','J77Ce RCIW7dvY','fb','','1900-01-01 00:00:00')"
I could login by using user@sohu.com . But I found bugzilla did
not CC to user@sohu.com after I did add it into CC list.

The web displayed :
================================================== =============================
Changes submitted for bug 6117

Email sent to: bugtest2@sohu.com

Excluding: user@sohu.com
If you wish to tweak the kinds of mail Bugzilla sends you, you can
change your preferences.
================================================== =============================

Why excluding ? Need I to change some configuration or something else?
I really have no idea about that.

If I could not work it out ,my boss will kill me with his evil rifle!

Could you save me from being killed please?Maybe just some hint?Thank