Marco Frailis wrote:
> Dear all,
> I'm new to Bugzilla. I have installed the version 3.0.2 on a ubuntu
> dapper (LAMP server).
> Everything works fine but there is a particular feature that I don't
> manage to enable.
> When I create a new bug and I set my e-mail address in the "Assign to"
> field, after the commit the page "Bug #xx submitted" shows my e-mail
> address in the Excluding field, i.e. I don't receive the e-mail
> notification. In my e-mail preferences everything is enabled.
> Is it possible to disable such automatic behavior and receive the e-mail
> notification even if I'm at the same time the reporter and the assignee
> of a particular bug?
> Thank you in advance for any help.


I like this feature. Bugzilla knows who is logged into the system when
data is committed. It knows you already know the information and so
does not send the email.

This works not just for the reporter and assignee fields but on comments
too. If you comment on a bug for which you are not the report or the
assignee you will not get an email notification. But the reporter and
assignee will.

Bugzilla sends out less emails this way. It saves on redundant information.

Why do you want to get the email? What is your projected use of the email?