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Subject: Pages being cached on multiple browsers and OS's - server
sideconfiguration error?

Hi there,

I am currently trying to implement BZ 3.0.2 on a Mac OS X Server with a
(non-Apple) Perl version 5.8.8. (via Fink).
It's a first install (EG not an upgrade of a previous installation)

I am observing a caching problem, and getting a "Suspicious Action" "No
valid token" error, EG when trying to create a second version for a
product the "official" way (no back button usage just navigating and
using the links).

I also am not able to get all the newly added version to be displayed
unless I do a reload of the page in the browser.

The problem is visible on both my Mac OS X 10.4.10 (using Safari and
Firefox) as well as my Windows XPSP2 (using Internet Explorer and
Firefox) so I am fairly sure it's NOT browser related but rather a
server-side related problem.

- I have deactivated Apple's "Performance cache" (port 16080)
- I have set urlbase and cookiepath
- I have (many times) executed the script bugzilla/checksetup.pl (using
sudo) that do not report errors

And I have also searched the archives but so far with no luck.

What might I be missing in my setup of the server?


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