I've just started using Bugzilla as a bug reporting tool. But, I have
encountered a major problem. If I report a bug somebody else can login
with his own id and change the status of the bug to say verified or closed.
This can also be done by the developer himself !! I have unchecked all
permissions for the particular account in the group security page. Yet I'm
being able to change the status from " New " to " verified " or " closed ".
As Bugzilla is new to me I think I'm missing out something. Though a mail
would be automatically sent to the concerned people if a status is changed,
is there any other way to prevent this ? Can anybody please tell me how to
restrict the permission for changing the STATUS (New, Assigned, Resolved,
Verified, closed) to a specific person. How can the developer himself
change the status to verified and/or closed ? He should only be able to
change the status to "Assigned" and/or "Resolved". Please help.


Partha sarathi Mukherjee

Testing department
Descon Limited