>> I am using a setting of user_verify_class = ldap,db.
>> It would appear that when bugzilla finds a ldap entry, it then puts
>> that entry into the db. Is that true? I find that my db now has
>> redundant information... I can understand it from a coding
>> perspective, because the user value is used as an index. But, I
>> can't see the reason to have the ability to enable both. What value
>> does it provide?

> It provides the ability to create users in the DB who aren't in
> -Max

What I am seeing is replication of the users in the profile's table in mysql
as the users use bugzilla. A bug's field has an entry for reporter (int)
which is an index into the profile table correct. If the user is in ldap
already and submits a bug, is bugzilla going to create this user in the
profile table in the db so it will behave as a normal db from the
perspective of bugs, specifically the bug fields and how they are tracked?
this the behavior that I should expect to see? If not, then how is the
reporter...etc. tracked when the user is in ldap and not in the db. It
wouldn't seem as a integer would be the answer...

It would seem as ldap is used as the authentication, but the db is used to
track the user from a bug perspective. This would be correct?