I have a question regarding the Bugzilla contrib that allows Bugzilla users
to file bugs via Email. I read the README.Mailif file in the contrib
directory and successfully tested the capability to file bugs via Email. I
sent an email to the user (bugzilla@mycompany.com) that will accept bugs
posted via Email and fire an SQL query to record the bug in the Bugzilla
database. When I tested this interaction, I found that the bug_email.pl
script parses the mail of the user accepting bug mails (
bugzilla@mycompany.com) and triggers the bugzilla workflow that will record
the new bug in bugzilla.

The question I have is this:

1. The bug_email.pl script gets the input from the mail file created by
procmail. Now since procmail appends each new mail to the mail file, the
bug_email.pl script will read the mail file from the beginning and replicate
the bugs that are already recorded in the bugs database. Is it not necessary
to delete the mail file after the bug is entered in the bugs database?

2. I tested this feature by running the command: bug_email.pl <
/var/spool/mail/bugzilla. I assume that in the real world, the bug will be
recorded when a properly formatted mail is sent to
bugzilla@mycompany.comand I don't have to run bug_email.pl via some
cron job. Is this correct?