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From: david souza
Date: Aug 28, 2007 5:29 PM
Subject: Trying to add custom links to global template
To: dsouza@virtualiron.com
Cc: ds3899@gmail.com


I have been trying to add custom links to the global template

What I end up with is the normal links are all shifted to the right and the
new links below

Links: Intranet| ViewCVS|
View CVS Checkins

Not sure why I get the bullet, but I can seem to get rid of it.

I have pasted the code below, any hints?

[%# Sections of links to more things users can do on this installation. %]

[% IF user.login %]
[% new_line = 0 %]
[% print_pipe = 0 %]

[% END %]

[% Hook.process("end") %]