Hello -

I have been charged with upgrading a -highly- modified Bugzilla
installation which is currently on version 2.18, to version 2.22.2.

This has proven to be an extremely difficult task due to a) the sheer
number of customizations that have been done to this install, and b) the
complete lack of any comments left in the code that's been edited by my
predecessor. In addition, the MySQL version on this machine has been
updated to 5.0, which is causing some problems due to changes in the
join syntax with 5.0.

There are too many customizations to count, really, starting with the
fact that just about all of the templates have been re-written, and
there are .cgi files that have been completely re-written as well. I
will also preface this request by stating that I, personally, am not
particularly strong in Perl at all (more of a Python guy), but would
have been fine if there was any documentation at ALL of the edits made
to the 'standard' Bugzilla install.

Any assistance that anyone at all can provide here would be MOST


Scott Wedel

CM Engineer/Bugzilla Admin