This is my first msg to this list, hi all. To the point: I was able to
make a succesfull Bugzilla-3.0 installation on Ubuntu 7.04, the hands-on
method. It took some time, but the FAQ's, bugzilla -quide and were helpful. The included Quickstart (date 2005?) is a bit
too short, however.
FYI: I tried the synaptic bugzilla installs as well, but they gave several
errors. Probably it will go right in case all needed servers, modules, etc
are installed in advance, but to me it seems to go very wrong if by
accident something essential misses..... e.g. by accident i didnt have
mysql-server installed on a Debian Etch server (P3-650@256MB) and this
messed things up a bit ...... so maybe it's an idea to keep bugzilla away
from these automated reposities ;-)