> > I create one user as login name "kokul.k". Cos my email id is
> > kokul.k@abc.com. But after i assign a bug to kokul.k and click the commit
> > button it shows an error that "user kokul is not a valid user name". It
> > doesn't pick after "." . How can i solve this problem...

> check your Bugzilla's usermatchmode, maxusermatches and
> confirmuniqueusermatch parameters.

Yeah well that was probably not it, seeing that you said you've
created a user "kokul.k" -- it seems you're using Bugzilla's
emailsuffix parameter, set to @abc.com, right? If that's so, then
check whether the user really exists (using editusers.cgi). Users who
applied for an account themselves get their accounts created when
logging in for the first time. So maybe all you need to do is log in
with the other user.