At 2007-08-02 12:40:28+0000, writes:

> I am facing an issue with Bugzilla v2.18. When i give a search for
> bugs the bug list only displays the time when the bug was raised
> instead of the date. If the bug is more than 10 days old then the date
> is displayed in the bug list. For new bugs only the time is displayed.
> If anyone has faced a similar issue please help me.

This is the purpose of the DiffDate() function in buglist.cgi. You
can change the Perl code quite easily.

Timestamps less than 18 hours old show hh:mm:ss
Timestamps less than 6 days old show ddd hh:mm
Timestamps more than 6 days old show yyyy-mm-dd

I always found it irritating too.

Nick Barnes
Ravenbrook Limited