Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> On Mon, 30 Jul 2007 08:27:13 -0500 "Terry L. Inzauro"
> wrote:
>> has there been any desire expressed by the public to create and
>> publish a 'bugzilla' schema for LDAP so all user information can be
>> stored in LDAP?

> There's a bug for it here:
> It would be somewhat complicated, and it's hard to see what
> the practical benefit would be, so there hasn't been much work on it
> yet.
> There's a separate bug for using LDAP groups as Bugzilla
> groups, which does have an obvious practical benefit, though:
> -Max

ok, last question....

is bugzilla able to use any one of 3 attributes to authenticate against?

for instance:
use the cn OR mail or uid attribute as the username

if so, would this work as the LDAPuidattribute?

lastly, how does/would bugzilla assign internal numeric ID's to that user? basically i do not want
two users to be created withing bugzilla if they logg in with the uid and then log in with their
email address.

uid of 1234 log in and gets assigned a numeric value with bugzilla


the same uid 1234 decides to login with instead of the uid.

i hope i worded that correctly.