On Mon, 30 Jul 2007 20:14:59 +0530 "Adhiraj Joshi"
> -I added following lines to .htaccess:
> [snip]

You probably don't want to modify the .htaccess of Bugzilla.
Also, your modifications won't work because your AllowOverride
statement won't permit them.

In general, delete your .htaccess and let ./checksetup.pl
create it for you.

> -A snapshot of my httpd.conf is as follows:
> [snip]

It looks like you've modified that file a lot by hand. You
didn't happen to change the group that Apache runs as, did you?

> --------------------------------------------------
> DocumentRoot "/usr/local/bugzilla-3.0"

Why did you install it there instead of into /var/www/html?

SELinux will definitely have to be off in order to access it
in /usr/local. (I know you said you already turned it off, I just
wanted to let you know.)

> ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ "/usr/local/bugzilla-3.0"

Definitely don't do that. The Bugzilla directory should never
be ScriptAlias'ed.


You don't need to have this block twice.

> When run as a normal user outside this directoy, testagent runs bux
> index.cgi reports this prob:

Yes, you can never run Bugzilla scripts from outside their

> Also I could not add bugzilla's path using this command:
> "perl -I /usr/local/bugzilla-3.0"
> The command stucks up and doesnt return unless I press Ctrl+C.

It didn't stick, that's just what happens if you run perl and
don't give it a file to run. It's waiting for you to write some Perl.

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