Nomally I always get 1-2 answer very very fast, but I will then assume
that most of the bugzilla supporters are on holidays....
Never mind I already found the answers to my problems.... It seems that
the searchs done with previous release of bugzilla are not recognized,
then you have to "re-create" them again then the users will be able to
see them or to choose if they want to have them in their footer or not.


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> From: Kamberi Cinthya (Nokia-TP/Copenhagen)
> Sent: Wednesday, July 18, 2007 12:50 PM
> To:
> Subject: Sharing Saved Searchs
> Hi,
> I'm having some problems with sharing saved searchs, I read from the
> user guide the instructions but it does not seems to work.
> This is what I did:
> 1. I have already saved search using bugzilla 2.22, and now I'm
> running bugzilla 3.0
> 2. I'm administrator
> 3. I create a group called corleone_search to give rights to the
> member of this group to access my saved searchs
> 4. I add all the users to this group (they have Group acces =
> "defaultusers", corleone_search, corleone)
> 5. Under Parameter/Group Security querysharegroup = corleone_search
> Now when I loging with one of the users, member of the corleone_search
> group, those saved search does not appear in his footer.
> Question:
> 1.- Since I'm the administrator and I create the group shouldn't they
> get the search automatically?
> 2.- It says that That group will then be able to "subscribe" to those
> searches how??
> 3.- If I have 5 search and I want only 4 of them to be share and not
> all how/where do I specify which one will be shared and which ones
> don't?
> Regards
> Cinthya
> Shared Saved Searches
> Users can now choose to "share" their saved searches with a certain
> group. That group will then be able to "subscribe" to those searches,
> and have them appear in their footer.
> If the sharer can "bless" the group he's sharing to, (that is, if he
> can add users to that group), it's considered that he's a manager of
> that group, and his queries show up automatically in that group's
> footer (although they can unsubscribe from any particular search, if
> they want.)
> In order to allow a user to share their queries, they also have to be
> a member of the group specified in the querysharegroup parameter.
> Users can control their shared and subscribed queries from the
> "Preferences" screen.