I'm having some problems with sharing saved searchs, I read from the
user guide the instructions but it does not seems to work.
This is what I did:

1. I have already saved search using bugzilla 2.22, and now I'm running
bugzilla 3.0
2. I'm administrator
3. I create a group called corleone_search to give rights to the member
of this group to access my saved searchs
4. I add all the users to this group (they have Group acces =
"defaultusers", corleone_search, corleone)
5. Under Parameter/Group Security querysharegroup = corleone_search

Now when I loging with one of the users, member of the corleone_search
group, those saved search does not appear in his footer.

1.- Since I'm the administrator and I create the group shouldn't they
get the search automatically?
2.- It says that That group will then be able to "subscribe" to those
searches how??
3.- If I have 5 search and I want only 4 of them to be share and not all
how/where do I specify which one will be shared and which ones don't?


Shared Saved Searches
Users can now choose to "share" their saved searches with a certain
group. That group will then be able to "subscribe" to those searches,
and have them appear in their footer.
If the sharer can "bless" the group he's sharing to, (that is, if he can
add users to that group), it's considered that he's a manager of that
group, and his queries show up automatically in that group's footer
(although they can unsubscribe from any particular search, if they
In order to allow a user to share their queries, they also have to be a
member of the group specified in the querysharegroup parameter.
Users can control their shared and subscribed queries from the
"Preferences" screen.