Thanks Marc,

Well it seems that we are going to stock with bugzilla for a while, then
how do I upgrade from bugzilla 2.22 to 3.0?, it is just simply as delete
the old one and download the new version (without loosing any
information? Or? What are the steps, guide to upgrade to a newer
version? Or should I wait for the official released version in april?


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2007/4/3, :
> I'm still with the same problem, and I just realize that the link you
> sent me the first place point to the user guide for version 3.1 , I'm
> running with bugzilla 2.22, is it also possible to do it with this
> version?

oh right! Now you mention it, with 2.22, you cannot share searches yet.
These came in around 2.23.2 or so. Sorry for the confusion.

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