I've added to my tasklist to make a copy the internal documentation &
diffs I already have and remove all company related stuff and diffs not
related to this feature (iso8859-1 support, etc).

But if you want to start now, it's not rocket science:
1. You install both installations as usual.
2. Configure move as supported from the outside installation to the
internal isntallation and test it works.
3. Configure move as supported from the internal to the outside one and
test it works.
4. Edit importxml.pl in the outside installation and:
4.1 Use a regexp that pars the comming bugs comments looking for
"previously known as _bug_ ([0-9]+) at $from_urlbase" so you get the
original id of the bug you receive in the installation you are receiving
it back.
4.2 comment/remove most of importxml.pl. Leave only the code that add the
incomming bug comment and call BugMail, change it to append comming last
comment to the original bug.
4.3 Do status change or whatever you want to be done when a bug is moved
back. I've added for them a default message on parameters that is appended
and bug is set to a non open status. My outside users only understand NEW,
ASSIGNED (Hacked to set assign it when moved), RESOLVED and CLOSED.

Anyway give me a couple of days and I'll have the diffs for you.


On Mar, 6 de Febrero de 2007, 13:16, david souza dijo:
> It sounds like having the separate bugzillas with different databases is
> the way to go, I think that there will be too many security issue to worry
> about otherwise. I have decided to go with the new release of bugzilla,
> since it was so close to coming out.
> I would be interested to know more about the changes you had to do to the
> internals to process_bug to automatically export bugs to the external
> site
> and the changes to import utility to get all of this working.
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