On Wed, 2007-01-17 at 15:33 +0800, Founder Jiang wrote:
> Hi,all
> When I use importxml.pl script to import data from an xml file(this xml file was came from existing bug report),I get the following error message:
> --Message Begin--
> shell>./importxml.pl -v filename.xml
> ERR: Cannot import these bugs because no urlbase set
> Please re-open the original bug.
> For more info, contact ...
> --Message End--
> Then´╝îI modify the urlbase field in "parameters" ,I'm sure I filled the urlbase,But the result is the same above!
> once upon a time,I have executed importxml.pl and import some bugs successfully,but now I can do nothing.
> I was puzzling the whole day,and can't resolve. Someone who can give some advice help me?
> No one come up aginst this problem??
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> Best Regards
> Founder
> 2007-01-17

This is most likely referring to the urlbase attribute of the xml file

Here is an example from one of my xml files:

maintainer="ghendricks@novell.com" exporter="ghendricks@novell.com">

Note the urlbase attribute of the tag. If you export a bug
without having set URL base in the paramaters, you will get this error.

Hope this helps.