I'm affraid there is not such configuration, but you may ask your user
to configure its e-mails preference settings to make Bugzilla send
e-mails only when he is assigned to a bug.
To do so, log in to Bugzilla, click on "Prefs" link in the footer of the
page, then click on the "Email Preferences" tab and check the check box
corresponding to rôle= "assignee" and action = "I'm added to or removed
from this capacity"
Julien BETI

"La route est longue, mais la voie est libre..."

thekillerbean wrote:
> I'm trying to configure a user to receive email only when a new bug is
> entered into the system and not at any other time - how do I do this on
> Bugzilla v2.20?
> I once had it running on Bugzilla 2.14 and somehow I must have changed
> something as that user stop receiving those messages.
> Cheers,
> tkb.