dear all:
i am trying to install a new bugzilla product.I did every thing as
the install guide.Everything goes quit well until it comes to
The DBD make script works fine,and also the make
command.but the "make test" failed with the following message:
PERL_DL_NONLAZY=1 /usr/bin/perl "-MExtUtils::Command::MM" "-e" "test_harness(0,
'blib/lib', 'blib/arch')" t/*.t
t/00base.............install_driver(mysql) failed: Can't load '/home/netca/bugzi
lla/DBD-mysql-3.0004/blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/' for module DBD::mysql: /
home/netca/bugzilla/DBD-mysql-3.0004/blib/arch/auto/DBD/mysql/ undefine
d symbol: __builtin_delete at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.0/i386-linux-thread-multi/DynaL line 229.
at (eval 2) line 3
Compilation failed in require at (eval 2) line 3.
Perhaps a required shared library or dll isn't installed where expected
at t/00base.t line 38

can somebody tell me what is the problem, and ,how to solve this.

version of products i am using
Mysql : v5.0.20
DBD::mysql 3.0004
DBI 1.51
bugzilla 2.20

thanks a lot.