I'm sorry I'm not going to be spectacularly helpful here, as I don't
quite understand exactly what you're asking to do.
However, I do have an installation of Bugzilla integrated with CVSNT.
This was done using the Bugzilla Integration plug-in for CVSNT supplied
as part of the CVS Suite from March-Hare software (See
http://www.march-hare.com/cvsnt/features/bugzilla/). Might this do what
you need ?
You may find it useful to contact them, or to ask a question on the
CVSNT mailing list (see


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Dear all,

What should I do if I want my bugzilla's attachment diff can compare
differents like this
Is this because of the integration of bugzilla and cvs?

I've setup bugzilla on windows 2000 couple of weeks ago and it works
Now, I'm trying to setup cvs server with cvsnt.
I installed cvsnt on the same server, and work with wincvs(at another
PC) and everything is okay.
Also, I have filled cvsroot and cvsroot_get in bugzilla parameters.
What else should I do if I want bugzilla integrate with cvsnt?


Best Regards,