In all bugzilla versions, in the search list, you can only display "Full
Summary" or "Summary" (often, neither of these convey enough information
about the bug) or "Long Format" (way too much info).

I would very much like a way to show the first [60 or configurable amount]
characters of every/recent comment entries in the bug list. This makes it
much easier when printing off a long-ish list to read on the train, of the
story behind each bug.
The bug listing would have a title line
then a number of lines each showing a summary entry (date, person, text
[spaces truncated to get as much as poss in a single or two/three lines])

I don't know how to make this request to the Bugzilla team - or if others
would like such a feature.

By having a bug listing that spans multiple lines, other ideas could be
incorporated - like showing
- the dependancy links
- a status change history
- list of attachments.

A good idea?

I can see the problems when exporting to CSV - but export to excel / xml
formats will be OK.