is your mail server using smtp authentication? if yes, and required,
bugzilla does not support smtp auth as of latest release

if that still doesnt work, try getting the sendmail.exe app for windows and
use that instead! I got mine working that way, and another guy got his
going that way, i am on 2003 server!


"Saul Martinez-Diez" wrote in message
I am using Bugzilla version 2.20.0 under Windows XP.

I have configured the option mail_delivery_method in editparams.cgi to smtp,
and set the smtpserver variable to my accessible SMTP server At the time of sending the bugmail, bugzilla prints
the following error message on the results HTML page:
Bugzilla Version 2.20
Internal Error
Bugzilla has suffered an internal error. Please save this page and send it
to martinez [at] with details of what you were doing at
the time this message appeared.
undef error - Unknown error at C:/Programme/Perl/lib/CGI/ line 314.

If I change the mail_delivery_method to something else like testfile, the
error does not occur and the email is correctly appended to the mail file on
hard disk.

Thank you for your support.

Saúl Martínez

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