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Subject: Bugzilla Sanity Checks

>I am working on a combination server move Bugzilla upgrade (2.14 to
>2.20). After doing the move (I'm running a test deployment), I ran the
>Sanity Check.

: :
>Is the solution to simply add these values back in using "Field Values"
>--> "Add a Value"?

have you put your old localconfig file includes @opsys etc. ?

in upgrading script, it reads old localconfig file and put
them into DB.
# i've done as above to upgrade from 2.16-ja to 2.20-ja

i've not tried to add them after upgrading, so i cannot
comment about it works (to add after upgrading).
# i test it now in out test bugzilla site. and succeeded to
desired display OS code.

but, in bugzilla db, bugs.op_sys has a string value for
operating systems. so, it may work that adding values of op_sys
after upgrading.

>Note: For whatever reason, I'll have to look into it, the server hosting
>Bugzilla-2.14 is running on EST and the new server, hosting
>Bugzilla-2.20 uses GMT. I believe that the GMT on the new server is
>setup for a reason (i.e. multiple development locations in different
>time zones).

date information for each comments is in longdescs.bug_when.
so, i think you can fix with over-writting it


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